Our Support team is happy to help with any requests sent our way; however, sometimes a traveler may have been misdirected, causing them to reach out to us with unneeded frustration. Like you, we want your guest to have a great customer service experience. The below information clarifies the difference between a “Cancel Coverage” and a “File a Claim” request. Knowing the difference will help us work together to create a great experience for your travelers.

I. File a Claim – We often get a “cancel coverage” request when further inquiry reveals the traveler actually meant to cancel their reservation and file a claim, not cancel the travel insurance. A misdirected requests indicates that the reservationist or property manager may have trouble understanding what the traveler is wanting in these situations. So how do you know the travelers real intention? One common indicator is if the traveler uses the word “refund”. Although by filing a claim the traveler does not get a refund – but rather a reimbursement from their travel protection – when travelers says “I want a refund” that usually indicates the traveler is actually wanting to file a claim.

How to Help Traveler File a Claim – The steps below help a traveler to file a claim.

  1. Cancel the reservation – the traveler must obtain proof of canceled reservation and provide it to the Insurance company during the claim process.
  2. Provide the information needed by traveler for filing a claim.
    • Coverage Providers can be found in the RentalGuardian system by looking up the reservation. The Product Name lists the Insurance company for the policy.
    • Policy number can also be found on the reservation page. It is labeled as Certificate number.
    • Direct Traveler to Contact the Insurance Company to initiate a claim.
    • Insurance Claims Contact Numbers:

II. Cancel Coverage/Travel Insurance Policy – There are instances when a traveler wants to cancel the travel insurance coverage.  This usually occurs within 10 days of booking because in most states, after the 10-day “free-look” period, travelers may not cancel coverage.  Also, sometimes travelers incorrectly select “purchase travel insurance” when filling out the online booking form, realize the mistake and inform the property manager. Also the traveler may have declined at signing of the rental agreement despite initial verbal acceptance.

How to cancel a policy. Below are the steps to cancelling a travel insurance policy.

  1. Log in to your RentalGuardian integrated booking software and
  2. Cancel the coverage; if this feature is not supported, you can log directly into your RentalGuardian account and cancel the coverage.


Travel Insurance Policy cancellation requests may be sent into support@rentalguardian.com. The cancellation request MUST come from the traveler (policy holder). This requirement can be waived if a copy of the Rental Agreement is provided showing that the rental-guest declined to purchase the Travel Insurance.

After the 10-day free-look period, travel protection policy cancellations will not be allowed unless you open a ticket or call Support.  These requests will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

During any customer-care interaction, if additional questions arise our Support team is happy to help! The fastest way to get a response it to open a support ticket by emailing support@rentalguardian.com. If your situation requires a conversation, it is our pleasure to assist! Give us a call at 888-885-5550 x1000.

We would love your feedback! Any suggestions or thoughts – email support@rentalguardian.com.

About the blogger: Jayme Estrada, NPN 19265629 manages the Support Department for both InsureStays Agency and RentalGuardian. Contact her at support@rentalguardian.com.

Per InsureStays, only licensed agents holding travel insurance lines of authority, or authorized retailers of a licensed Supervising Entity like InsureStays may offer or disseminate travel insurance.