Project Second Look


  • Project Second Look (PSL) is an integrated software application that will help property managers sell travel protection to the approximate 80% of travelers who initially decline travel protection during the initial booking phase.
  • Travelers are reminded of the many advantages of travel protection and why it’s important to protect their vacation investment.  
  • Property Managers earn a referral fee on all coverages sold via PSL.
  • Travelers will be sent travel protection “reminders” at the following intervals:
    • 3 days after initial booking
    • 60 days prior to check in date
    • 45 days prior to check in date
  • PSL has the ability to send both automated emails as well as texts.  
  • Travelers will receive messaging that focuses on travel risks and exposures related to their specific areas of travel:
    • Beach: Hurricane, natural disaster, road closures.
    • Ski: Blizzards, property is inaccessible, road closures.
  • Property Managers can earn additional referral fees on travelers who were typically not re-marketed to in the past after the original booking.
  • Project Second Look completely automates the process of outreach and conversion for these travel protection coverages.
  • Fully integrated with your property management software application.
  • Messaging and branding are customized so that they feel fully integrated with property manager branding.
  • Within the set-up phase, property managers have the ability to customize messages and deliver content that is unique to the property manager’s destination.
  • PSL is brought to you by a partnership between RentalGuardian and LSI Tools.


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