Home Guardian

Home Guardian is intended to help cover expenses related to accidental damage that may occur to rental property.

Home Guardian provides property managers and guests the protection they need in the case of accidental damage during a contracted stay.


  • Protecting property manager / homeowner against accidental property damages by guest that may occur during booked stay.
  • Program is replacement cost value vs. depreciated value (competitor programs).
  • Protects host against accidental property damages by guest such as a broken lamp, broken TV, broken furniture or broken appliances. 
  • Can serve as a supplement or replacement for traditional security deposits.
  • Protected party is property manager / homeowner. 
  • Clients use the RentalGuardian.com platform for seamless and expedited claims processing.
  • Underwritten by certain underwriters at Lloyds of London, Nationwide Mutual of Columbus, Ohio, and  Lyndon Southern Insurance of Jacksonville, Florida.
  • Max 30 days stay (31+ day stay requires second policy).  
  • Coverage levels:
    • $500 US & International units
    • $1,000 US & International units
    • $1,500 US & International units
    • $3,000 US & International units
    • $5,000 US units only
  • Retail cost: Varies by product
    • Property Managers earn administrative fees on each coverage issued
  • Home Guardian programs are offered by InsureStays, dba of Sandhills Insurance Group LLC, NPN 16269113, a licensed agency headquartered in Pawleys Island, South Carolina, and holding resident and non-resident insurance agency licenses throughout the United States. Visit www.insurestays.com for more information. Terms and conditions apply.

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