Home Guardian +

Protect your company and homeowners with $1 million in damage & personal injury lawsuit coverage, as well as $25,000 in contents and $15,000 in bed bug protection.

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4 Types of Protection For Your Company & Homeowners

The Home Guardian + offered through InsureStays responds to four types of damage and liability exposures from vacation rental activities:


up to $25,000

Protects against damages to the contents of the rental property. Examples: broken TV, damaged furniture, broken appliance, and carpet stains & much more.


up to $1,000,000

Protects the Property Manager and the Homeowner against bodily injury lawsuits filed by the guest or their party for injuries that occur during the short-term rental stay.


up to $1,000,000

Protects against major damage to the real property dwelling from perils arising from rental activities such as a kitchen fire, bathroom water overflow, and other significant events. 


up to $15,000

Protects against bed bug related losses including extermination, replacement of ruined furnishings, guest relocation to hotel, and loss of rental income after 72 hr period.

Supports Homeowner Acquisition Initiatives by Providing Peace of Mind

Owners can rest easier because Home Guardian + covers risk and exposures that arise from vacation rental activities, which are typically not covered by homeowners insurance. The Home Guardian + plan adds an increased amount of vital protection against many types of damages that occur during the stay, ranging from as small as a broken lamp (contents protection up to $25,000) to a catastrophic kitchen fire (protecting your home up to $1 million in real property damages). The program also includes protection against bodily injury lawsuits that may come from travelers staying at the rental property ($1 million in protection) and adds bed bug remediation ($15,000 including lost rental income).

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Home Guardian + is offered exclusively through InsureStays. dba of Sandhills Insurance Group LLC, NPN 16269113, a licensed agency headquartered in Pawleys Island, South Carolina, and holding resident and non-resident insurance agency licenses throughout the United States. Visit www.insurestays.com for more information. Terms and conditions apply.

Home Guardian + is not intended to replace primary Homeowners Insurance for the vacation homeowner or General Liability Insurance for the property manager. 

Only licensed insurance agents or brokers can analyze your personal situation, discuss your insurance needs and advise you on primary insurance coverage.  

Home Guardian + programs are underwritten by certain underwriters at Lloyds of London and by Markel Insurance of Glen Allen, Virginia.

Advanced Claims Management
& Insurance Distribution System

RentalGuardian® is already integrated with many property management systems and features a simple activation & easy roll-out. Home Guardian + includes RentalGuardian’s unique online software services:

Online Claims Automation Tools

Coverage & Claims Manager 

Payment Manager

Reports Manager

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Optional Guest Identity Protection Features

Through AI (Artificial Intelligence), Home Guardian + identity protection uses biometric verification and liveness tests along with optical character recognition, performing vital functions that prevent fraud.

Document Authenticity Verification

Software is able to verify that the ID and/or Passport that’s submitted is real and hasn’t been modified in any way.

Reservation Name & ID Match

Once we know the ID is real and the face matches, we make sure the name on the ID matches the name of the guest on the reservation.

Fast PMS Integration Setup

The way that the software is setup is extremely easy; if there is a PMS integration, we integrate directly to the API, get all the guest data from there, and return on via an API.

ID Facial Recognition Match

AI matches the images of your user’s government ID and the selfie to make sure they’re a real person while screening for fake ID.

Performs Liveness Detection

Leveraging active & passive checks, we detect, confirm, and verify user selfies to ensure authenticity of the user and not a picture of a picture.


Secure API Integration

Activation is simple with our API integrations; a quick call or email to your PMS initiates activation; when the PMS turns on the API key, the ID Protect tech is enabled.

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Home Guardian +

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