When a guest makes a booking with your property management company, there are many considerations they make. How many rooms do we need? Do we want a pool? Oceanfront or second row from the beach? There are also considerations a guest must make as it relates to protecting this trip. I wonder if anyone has a pre-existing condition? What happens if there is a mandatory evacuation while we are visiting the Outer Banks?

When property managers offer travel protection, it shows that you not only have everything handled with their accommodations but have also considered the investment they have made to pay for this vacation.

Guests will be much more confident in their booking if you offer travel protection during their booking process. Travel protection covers things like a death in the family, someone in your party gets sick and unable to travel, hurricanes, natural disasters, jury duty, mandatory evacuations, and much more.

Property Managers also receive many benefits from offering travel protection. Property Manager who make the offers can earn a related compensation. This can quickly add up to be a very substantial revenue stream.

By offering travel protection, property managers also eliminate possible very uncomfortable conversations they may have had with guests. We have heard stories from property managers who have had guests experience a tragic death in the family or were forced to leave their unit, and there was nothing the property manager could do. If the guest would have been offered travel protection and purchased the coverage, they would have simply filed a claim and been reimbursed.

Our industry is growing exponentially and converting thousands of “hotel travelers” to “vacation rental travelers”. Many of these first-time vacation rental travelers do not know that the majority of the funds go to the homeowners and that the property managers do not have the same flexibility as hotels to do reimbursements.

When you offer travel protection, you are choosing to protect your guests vacation investment and helping to ensure they have a great experience at your destination!

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Article written by Brady Stump, CEO @ RentalGuardian (NPN 16336177)

Per InsureStays, only licensed agents holding travel insurance lines of authority, or authorized retailers of a licensed Supervising Entity like InsureStays may offer or disseminate travel insurance.

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To learn more about how RentalGuardian automates travel protection and cancel for any reason programs, please contact your RentalGuardian account manager today at 888-885-5550.