What Clients & Platform Partners are saying about us…

When you choose RentalGuardian.com, you’re in good company.  Our System and it’s solutions are used, trusted and respected by many organizations.  Here’s what they have to say…

…After switching to RentalGuardian, we were soon faced with a natural disaster and were able to put RentalGuardian to the test. They came through in flying colors accommodating all claims resolved in a professional and timely manner. In fact, none of the issues which had occurred with our previous supplier arose as we worked through the natural disaster with RentalGuardian…more
J. Alexander Risser, President - Outer Beaches Realty
…As I began to understand the complexity of the technology surrounding the RentalGuardian systems and manner in which they operated their call center, I was impressed with the level of professionalism. I was also pleased to learn that they had a more attractive pricing model than what we were enjoying with the other provider. With that knowledge in hand, we made the decision to ‘switch’ and have been pleased since…more 
Dennis Samuelson, President - Carolina Coastal Properties
…American Marketing Systems Inc. and Aaxsys Technology have been working with RentalGuardian since the beginning. We have effected a channel partnership which has been lucrative and beneficial for our Real Estate Brokerage as well as our Technology division. We work in concert with RentalGuardian on a weekly basis in order to reconcile the many insurance policies of our clients and customers…
Zoya Smithton, CEO - Aaxsys Technology
…RentalGuardian has also developed a great platform for users to view policies sold and general policy information. Having the up to date policy information accessible to Hatteras Realty staff really expedites the process of assisting guests with filing claims. There is much transparency with RentalGuardian as a trip insurance provider because they have direct contact with vacation rental guests that have purchased a policy…more
Holly Austin, Vice President - Hatteras Realty
…RentalGuardian partnered with Midgett Realty during a particularly difficult time for us. We were notified of cancellation by our then-current provider, and there appeared to be no other options for us to offer Trip Insurance to our guests. RentalGuardian took it upon themselves to find providers that not only wanted our business but to do it at a very competitive rate…more
Anthony Fletcher, General Manager - Midgett Realty