Cancel For Any Reason Travel Protection

Don’t feel like traveling? Not enough snow on the mountain? Is it going to rain on your special weekend?
Choose TripHedge Cancel For Any Reason Travel Protection!

TripHedge “CFAR” Cancel For Any Reason 
Travel Protection

The TripHedge Travel Protection Program is packed with all of the valuable benefits available in our Modern Voyage Travel Protection Program plus new features including the ability to cancel your trip for any reason. Always travel completely protected!

  • Retail Cost: 9.5% of the Trip Total
  • Minimum Cancellation Date: Up to 3 Days before departure
  • Exclusive Availability:

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Why “Cancel For Any Reason” Coverage?

Here are some common reasons why travelers opt for the TripHedge Cancel For Any Reason coverage (reasons that are not typically covered under traditional travel protection):

  • Traveler simply changes their mind and decides not to go on their trip.
  • Unfavorable weather at the destination: poor snow on the ski slopes, predictions of rain for the golf trip
  • A major work-related obligation arises that traveler must attend.
  • A child has an unplanned can’t-miss sporting event.
  • Traveler has a problem with their passport or travel visa.
  • The family pet is sick and traveler can’t be away.
  • And, many other unforeseen situations that could arise that are not covered by traditional travel insurance.

Life happens… and TripHedge Cancel For Any Reason is there for you!