Liability Coverage

Why Liability Coverage?

Liabilities are created by tenants, and contrary to popular belief, many tenants are not covered by any type of liability insurance coverage.  Liability Coverage programs address the concerns of owners, property managers, and tenants with a unique solution, created specifically for individuals or businesses renting property to others.

•  Protect yourself from liabilities created by tenants
•  Gain evidence of coverage for all participating tenants
•  Generate additional revenue stream
•  Enhance the value of your brand in the market place
•  Add value to your tenant’s travel experience

Sample Coverage

•  Coverage for direct damage to your property caused by the legal liability of a tenant.
•  Fire, smoke, explosion, water overflow and water backup damage to rented unit and other affected units.
•  Additional living expenses, if tenant’s premises is uninhabitable or unfit to live in.
•  Coverage for tenant’s personal property included in per occurrence limit.
•  Coverage for other tenant’s personal property included in per occurrence limit.

Learn about the RentalGuardian Accommodations Program HERE.

Various programs provided by Recommended Platform Providers, subject to change. Contact Us for more information.