Cancel For Any Reason Travel Insurance

Don’t feel like traveling? Not enough snow on the mountain? Is it going to rain on your special weekend?
Choose TripHedge Cancel For Any Reason Travel Protection: now on the platform!

TripHedge “CFAR”: A Unique Solution for Special Situations

The TripHedge Travel Protection Program is packed with all of the valuable protection available in the Modern Voyage Travel Protection Program. Additional features include the ability to cancel your trip for any reason. Always travel completely protected!

  • Retail Cost: 9.5% of the Trip Total

  • Minimum Cancellation: Up to 3 Days before departure

  • Exclusive Availability:

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Designed for the Sharing Economy, the new combo:

Daily-Rate Homeowners Liability + Damage Protection is here!

Protect the Property Owner, Property Manager & Renter without changing Homeowners Insurance: now on the platform!


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Renters Insurance Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Annually…

Designed for your needs, and your customers’…

Property Managers, Listing Portals & Aggregators, HOA’s, Student/Corporate Housing Providers and more,

Just 3 easy steps: Register, Integrate, and Deploy.


Low-Cost Renters Insurance…

Renters Insurance covers Fires, Floods, Water Damage, Explosions, Burglary, and most things mother nature throws your way:  now on the platform!

  • Personal Liability Protection

  • Personal Property Protection

  • Complete Protection

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