Bed Bug Protection

The Rental Guardian platform supports unique Bed Bug Infestation Recovery solutions covering the two primary bug infestations seen in lodging:

Cimex Lectularius: Found in northern temperature climates (Northern US & Northeast regions).

Cimex Hemipterus: Found in semi-tropical to tropical climates (Southern US & Southeast regions).


• Loss of Revenue (Actual Net Loss)
• Remarketing & Rehabilitation Expenses
• Crisis Response & Expertise (Crisis Management Expenses)
• Cleaning, Extermination and Decontamination (Decontamination Expenses)
• On-site First Aid for Customers & Customer Decontamination Expenses (Third-Party
Remediation Expenses).

Loss of Revenue and Reimbursement

• No deductible
• No waiting period / loss threshold required to trigger coverage
• Actual Net Loss is only payable for loss of lodging revenues

Rehabilitation and Decontamination Expenses

• No deductible.
• No waiting period/loss threshold required to trigger coverage.
• First $5,000: no co-insurance (10% co-insurance applies after first $5,000 is paid: per policy period).
• Please contact Rental Guardian for a sample provider Description of Coverage.

Crisis Management

• No deductible.
• No waiting period/loss threshold required to trigger coverage.
• Reasonable and necessary fees and expenses of the designated crisis management.

Company who assists with:

• Public health authorities
• Pest control specialists
• Customer/Crisis Information Line
• Media Response
• Media Control
• Restoration of community reputation
• Effective marketing