Additional Protection Programs

Please Contact Us if any of our additional solutions serve a support or distribution need that you may have.

Ticket Insurance

If a policyholder cannot attend an event or show, they get 100% of the face value of their ticket reimbursed. Covered reasons include illness, serious injury or death, airline delays, traffic accidents, unavoidable business trips and jury service.

Tires/Alloy wheels

Replacement or repair of tires following accidental damage or puncture.  Can include ‘run flats’ for an additional premium.

Gadget insurance: Smart Phone, ipod, Satellite Navigation, Camera.

Theft, loss and accidental damage to ‘gadgets’ which can include iPod/mp3 player, satellite navigation, camera and smart phone.

Identity theft

Covers losses suffered as a result of someone fraudulently, and for financial gain, using the identity of the insured, covering such acts as applying for or obtaining bank account/credit cards/loans. Covers specified financial losses incurred and time spent recovering any details/documents stolen, cost of replacement documents, credit rating reinstatement and legal fees.

Mobile telephone

Theft, loss, accidental damage or mechanical/electrical breakdown of the mobile telephone. Cover can be extended to include e-wallet protection.

Tenant Screening Services & Pre-employment screening

Online convenience and fast, secure tenant screening and credit check for landlords, property managers and employers. Hiring a nanny or tutor for your child? A caregiver for an elderly parent? Are you a landlord or employer? Get background reports on all prospective tenants and employees.

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

CDW reimburses the excess a policyholder has to pay in the event that a rental vehicle they are responsible for is returned to the hire company damaged or is stolen while they are in charge of the vehicle.

Motor Breakdown/Roadside Assistance

Provides cover for roadside repairs, rescue and repatriation when your vehicle is no longer driveable following a mechanical breakdown. Cover can be extended to include short term European travel as well.

Kindred Travel

Emergency travel to family member if they are hospitalized for five days or pass away.  Coverage will pay for them to get to family member if more than 150 miles away. 25,000  aggregate.  Not tied to a trip, an annual program.

Key Insurance

Provides cover for resultant replacement keys and replacement locks in the event of car keys being lost or stolen.

Payment Card Protection

Covers financial losses through unauthorized usage of credit/debit card(s)